Introduction To Spiritual Care
'Direction & Counselling'
As you stand at the CrossRoads of Life and look to determine which way you should travel; ask which paths are the old, reliable paths, ask which way leads to happiness, health, prosperity and great inner peace. Live that way, and find a resting place for your spirit.   Jeremiah 6:16

What Is Spiritual Direction?
The whole purpose of spiritual direction is to penetrate beneath the surface of a person’s life, to get behind the façade of conventional gestures and attitudes which one presents to the world, and to bring out one’s inner spiritual freedom, one’s innermost truth, which is what Christians call the likeness of Christ in one’s soul.
Thomas Merton, Trappist monk of the Abbey of Gethsemani, Kentucky

What Is Spiritual Counselling verses Spiritual Direction?
Spiritual Counselling is designed to help you work on thoughts, emotions and behaviours that impact your life and relationships. You may explore your past to see how it has influenced who you are today. Spiritual Counselling may be problem-solving, goal-oriented and, at times, confrontational. If you need to dig into a personal problem in your life, Spiritual Counselling is exactly what you need. Spiritual Counselling is often initiated by a crisis, Spiritual Direction can be engaged at any time of life. Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Counselling both focus on how God is present and active in a given situation.

At the CrossRoads of life, we face many moral, mental, physical and spiritual issues which cannot easily be resolved alone.

Spiritual Counselling provides you with a safe, non-judgmental environment in which you can explore your perceptions, feelings and beliefs as you become attentive to the presence, action, and movements of God in your ordinary human experiences. As an individual, you gain a deeper awareness of yourself as you walk with God. As a couple, you can explore the challenging dynamics of your relationship/marriage in the paradox of flesh and spirit.

Spiritual Direction enables you to identify the underlying spiritual issues that hold you back, opening doors for you to go through in areas of personal growth and interpersonal relationships. To listen with your heart to God's voice as he speaks to you by his Spirit and to respond to God's personal communication, and then to grow in intimacy with God while living out the consequences of this relationship with God.

I have learned the art of being content in every situation.
Paul of Tarsus - from his letter to Philippi 4:11.

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Skilled Helper Training

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Spiritual Care Services

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Additional Information
  1. Presently experiencing physical, sexual, or emotional abuse;
  2. Having thoughts of harming yourself or someone else; or
  3. Actively Addicted to alcohol or drugs (However, support after rehab may be possible).

Pro bono publico   (English: for the public good; usually shortened to pro bono) is a Latin phrase for professional work undertaken voluntarily and without payment or at a reduced compensation as a public service.

Sometimes we reach a crossroad and simply get stuck, unable to determine which direction to take on the road of life.  As the Proverb says, "Without counsel purposes are disappointed; but with wise counsel they are established."  Psychology literally means, "Study of the Soul" - when people are in distress, they are "soul-sick."   At the Wounded Healer there are skilled "Soul-Helpers".

The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
Henry Ellis.

Meet The Spiritual Director

In Brief

Brick at 40 years of age experienced a charismatic conversion to Christ in 1984 (at the Vancouver Christian Life Centre). He was ordained in the Parkdale Neighbourhood Church, Toronto Ontario in 1989 (BCOQ/CBWC). He returned to British Columbia in 1990 and has served in various churches (both denominational and non-denominational) including serving as an RCMP chaplain for 3 years. Now in his 70's, he simply walks beside people sharing their experience of Christ in us (the hope of glory- Col 1:27).
For credentials: He has a BA in Urban Studies from York University, Master of Divinity from Regent College and a Doctor of Ministry from Trinity Theological Seminary. He also has a Diploma in Counselling and Family Ministry from The Counselling Group, and a BUILD Certificate in Cross-Cultural Counselling/Ministry from BCOQ/MacMasters Divinity College and an Examination Award for Counselling Practice from the Counsellor Training Institute. Brick also has Mastery Coach Certification from the School of Coaching Mastery. He is a member of Spiritual Directors International (#52541) and a Registered Therapist (RCCH #0702-062846). He bring over 30 years of Pastoral Counselling experience into Spiritual Direction.

Brick provides both Face-to-Face and Distance Spiritual Direction as well as Relationship Support Ministry.

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Rev. VR (Brick) Saunderson, BA, M.DIV., D.MIN., RCCH, CMC
Care-taking People Since 1989

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we are all spiritual beings having a human experience.
Teilhard de Chardin

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